Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Bionic Woman

I swear, sometimes my boss pulls so many double, triple, quadruple, and sometimes even quintuple shifts that I think she's a damn robot. And no, there's no typos there. I mean it exactly how I said it: She works at times up to five hours straight with no time off. Oh, and she works two jobs.

Most of the time, she'll work all three shifts straight on a holiday, which included yesterday (Labor Day). I've never had to work Christmas or Thanksgiving and I've only worked one hour on the Fourth of July during my entire time here. Sounds good, right? Well, yes, it is good, however, as with all computers, there's some bugs in her programming.

Normally I go to my internship on Mondays. This Labor Day, which of course was a Monday, she had me working though. I pointed out the fact that I had my internship, and she said she would change the schedule to give me Monday off and have me working Tuesday.

But on Saturday evening, I flip over the schedule to see that she hasn't changed it. She was out of town that weekend, and I had no way of contacting her. So I had no idea what I was supposed to be working and I had no idea what day to tell my internship boss when I would be in.

I found out too late that I would in fact be off Monday and working today. SO, because of her faulty programming I guess, I missed a day at my internship. Right now I'm sort of fuming, but I suppose I can get over it since I actually started going a few weeks earlier than I had to, so I'm not behind or anything. She's just screwed up so horribly before when she pulls all of the continuous shifts... Stay tuned, and perhaps tomorrow I'll post a first "Blast From the Past" talking about one major screw up of hers she did when she worked 36 hours straight. You'll just love it!

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