Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Long Overdue Post

Oy... During the winter slump, nary a person will check in to this dump. Originally, the lack of posts here was a result of that. If nobody's checking in, what's there for me to talk about? But what was once due to a lack of people to make fun of soon became due to sheer apathy. But I'm back, and once again I plan to update HOTEL OF THE DAMNED on a fairly regular basis! Enjoy!

So, to kick things back off I thought I'd make fun of my new dumbass boss who has been hired on after my last post here. Naturally, like nearly every manager at every other piece-of-shit hotel in America like my own, he's an Indian (Seriously, what's the deal? Why does it seem like almost every hotel in America is Indian owned and operated?) He goes by Steve, though that's not his real name of course because he's Indian. His real name is Sukrut or something like that. He and his wife lives here in one of the suites, like two other Indian families who are employed as housekeepers.

So, it's cool to have somebody living here that we can fall back upon when shit blows up in your face (because only one person is ever working the front desk at a time), but Steve is basically a worthless, lazy, piece of shit. And his wife has occasionally done some work at the hotel, but she's not even legal to work here (she's just as much of a worthless, lazy, piece of shit as her husband anyway).

Over at the Quality Inn, a property owned by the same guys as my Days Inn and is also managed by Steve, the entire non-Indian housekeeping staff plus one front desk clerk quit on account of him. I don't know the specifics, but the clerk, a guy about my age named Nick, claimed he was treated like a dog by them. One day, due to forces beyond his control, Nick was just a couple minutes late, yet Steve reprimanded him for it. Eventually, because of Steve, Nick got his hours cut back to only 8 per week, at which point he quit. Nick got the last laugh though, because Steve was doing a Valentine's Day special deal where we were going to give out wine to guests who sign up for it. Problem is, we don't have the license to sell alcohol and Nick reported us for it. Of course, nobody was stupid enough to make a reservation for such a fucking retarded deal anyway. Who the hell would want to come here for Valentine's Day, anyway?

And on another subject: This guy is the epitome of laziness. We had our breakfast food delivered and I was in the back room putting it up. As expected, I got no help from Steve, who was there when it was delivered. Furthermore, we have to sign a sheet when the shit gets delivered. Naturally, he won't sign it himself; he directs the delivery guy to take it to me in the back room for me to sign it while I'm in the middle of putting everything away. There are numerous examples I can give, this is only the most recent.

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  1. You deserve much better then this cuz you need to hurry with school and get out of there and work were you get apprecited. Love you