Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thanks for the Tip...

I used to work at a Best Western (before getting canned and moving one exit up the interstate to Days Inn). There, we'd always get tips for taking towels, helping groups unload luggage, etc. BUT when I came over to the Days Inn, where we regularly only have one person manning the desk at any time and thus can't leave it to do those kinds of things, stopped getting most tips. Here and there, when there's something that I have to leave the front desk for, things like taking a cot to a room, I will get tipped, but it's much much rarer here than it was back at Best Western.

But as it just so turns out, I got a tip about ten minutes ago. For what? Hell if I know. I had some guy come in, says he's doing something at some gun show down the road and says he's stayed here a lot before and that we usually give him a special rate. I look up his history, and sure enough I see where he got a special rate last time, so I agree to give it to him again this time. But after he's paid and everything, he hands me five one-dollar bills.

I have no idea why the guy gave me the five bucks, but if you're going to give me free money, you're not going to hear me complain!

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